My body gets really itchy when I’m super tired and trying to fight sleep. Is this normal?

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I don’t care that this is 2014. If I’m gonna be with someone, I want to be courted, and chased after, and romanced first. I won’t settle for someone who asks me out via text, etc. I refuse to settle.

And, if I don’t get what I want, I’ll still always have Paige and my cats. 😊

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Unfollowing apologetic vegans.

Anon: “That post really hurt my feelings.”
Them: “I’m sorry.”

NO. No, no, no, no, no. Done with that shit.

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I have absolutely nothing to do at the office today.

Yesterday there was paperwork to do, lots of copies of things to be made, things to be mailed, letters to type, and things to file.

Today there is nothing. That is what it’s like working here. One day I could be so busy, and the next I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs hoping the phone rings or he calls me into his office for something to do. That’s this business, though. There’s not something to do every day because it’s all on the clients. If they want to open an IRA, or transfer money/accounts, or withdraw
money from a retirement account, or send a check for an IRA contribution, etc., then we have something to do.

But if no one wants/needs anything done, then it can get rather boring. :/

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Aaaand it’s snowing.

I know I really shouldn’t be so surprised at Michigan’s weather anymore, but it just keeps being so fucking erratic.

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30 DAYS!!

Until I am an reunited with Paige! 😁😁😁

I’m counting down. I can’t WAIT. 👯

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A couple days ago, a woman wanted
to see a necklace in a jewelry tower. There are 3 shelves in each tower, and she just goes, “Can I see the Lucky necklace?”

-_- The entire tower is Lucky brand. There’s literally signs in the tower that say “Lucky” on every shelf. She didn’t describe it, didn’t point, didn’t say what shelf the necklace was on. I’m not gonna point to all 20 necklaces one after another and go, “This one? This one?”

I just stood there looking at her,
waiting for more information, and she looked up and gave me a “Hello?!” kind of look.

Sometimes I forget the amount of stupidity there is in some people.

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Of course.

The day I wake up late and hardly get ready, a kid in class asks for my number.


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My mom was saying how fruit is going to be expensive this summer.

I said, “Oh, because of all the bees dying?” And she’s like, “…No. Because of the drought in California.”

Then we got to talking about bees. And she goes, “What purpose do wasps serve, huh? Tell me that!”

So, I googled it and learned something about them myself. Good to know. (: They’re annoying, but also useful, like most beings on this planet—except humans.

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You know what would be really cool?

If my followers asked me a TON of questions right now. (:

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I had the best dream last night.

I was dating a deaf man, and it was the best relationship I’ve ever had. I was learning to sign, and he was so sweet and nice. Plus, he loved that I was super affectionate.

That’d be great if that could happen in real life. (:

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does anyone else watch shameless?!?’

Mickey just admitted to his father that he’s gay!!!!!!!


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I have the most #beautiful #son. #whitecat #ambereyes #cat #kitten #mylove
Hung out at the hookah lounge with some friends tonight.

I personally don’t smoke, but there was good music there. A few girls showed up around 1:30am, friends of a friend. They were both only 18, and I thought they were cool…until 5 different guys come up to try to talk to them AND THEY LEFT/WALKED AWAY WITH EVERY ONE OF THEM.

They totally didn’t know the guys, but were trying to get party hookups, I guess? Idk. Like that’s SAFE. Going to a party with strange guys you JUST met. -_-

So, anyway, Alyssa pulled me aside and said, “I’m really glad you’re my friend, and that you’re not like that.”

Made my evening. 😊

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I’ve never been good with confrontation.

Probably why I’m shit at debating with anyone about veganism.

A woman I know just posted this status about how she “learned” from a “happily married man” today that the key to a happy marriage is 1) men are stupid, and 2) women are psycho.

I commented because…that’s fucked
up. Stupid seems hardly an insult compared to PYSCHO. So I commented, and the MOMENT I pressed send my heart started racing. For a silly Facebook comment.

I need to work on my confrontation skills.

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