Told my boss about my phone interview for another job

and I said they asked me questions about my future career goals…and I didn’t know what to say because I have no idea what I want to do.

And he goes, “There’s always modeling.”

😊 I’m gonna miss him.

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So, tonight at wkrk

I found out that a manager was watching us to see if we were all working as hard as we should.

Turns out, we had an impromptu meeting when we were off the floor for the event tonight. One of the topics our manager talked about was how the chef said we were taking food off the cart…and she was looking right at me, Taylor, and Claire.

So, we pulled our manager aside after the meeting because we know what actually happened. They were pulling the food from the floor after dinner and we happened to be standing in the hallway they were walking through. We said, “Oooh!” when one guy was pulling the cart of tomatoes and salad stuff. He stopped and motioned with his head toward it, so we all grabbed a few things. We didn’t just take it; it was offered. So, our manager was like, “Oh, okay. I’ll let the chef know.”

Trying to get us in trouble…psh.

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My roomie! We spend the last 2 entire days together, she slept over and just left this morning. I can tell her absolutely anything…I wouldn’t move out with anyone else. I can’t wait. 😁💜
I want a tarantula so bad.

It’s not even funny.

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A girl posted a status on FB about anyone looking for a job.

I commented, of course. So she messages me and goes, “Girl, if you’re looking for a 4th job, you’re crazy!” instead of telling me about the job.

Most people’s reaction to my having 3 jobs right now is that it’s a bit much. But I’m not going to school. I don’t need to allot time going to class, do homework, or study. I have almost zero extra time on my hands right now, but I could make it work. More money is always a good thing, in my book.

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I just love her. There are no other words. She’s so honest and open, and such a beautiful person, inside and out. We keep each other sane. ❤️
So, my last day at the office

was supposed to be tomorrow.

But, as I was leaving, my boss said, “We gotta start working on the TMR for my skype sessions coming up with Michael.”

Those skype sessions start on October 1st. I don’t know how long he wants me to stay…but I already sent out “farewell” emails to a lot of people…idk. My mom says to ride it out until he says something, but I’m actively looking at several other jobs right now.

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I needed to hear this today. ❤️ I can’t wait to see her in a few months!
LOL I found the website they created for me.
But why did I lose two followers today?

I can’t post all the time, guys! I rarely use my queue and work is insanely busy at both jobs right now. Have a little sympathy!

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So, I’ve decided I’m dreaming.

I’ve just been in one really long, insane, amazing, unbelievable dream for the past few weeks.

If I am, I really hope I never wake up from it.

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When your vibrator starts to die and you’re like halfway there…not cool.

I mean, I finished, but that potentially could’ve been very upsetting.

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I miss these lovely people more than words can explain. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anyone else watch ANTM?

This one contestant, Matthew, is probably the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in my life. Everything is perfect…his hair, his facial hair, his smile, those eyes. JUST OMG.

He kissed the only gay guy in the house on this week’s episode…and if he’s gay, I’m going to cry. Why do the gays get all the beautiful people?!

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This one guy I work with:

"Hello, beautiful. I would say gorgeous, but that just doesn’t cut it." and "You’re so beautiful, you don’t even need makeup. You just have one of those faces."

LOL This would sound kind of cute…if he wasn’t saying it to every other girl that works there, ha. This guy and another one do this all the time. They try way too hard to get laid. Tip: being a gentleman works much better. 👍

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