I haven’t blogged from an actual computer in months.


Feels weird.

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I love

my horizons coworkers. Everyone gets along and, even though we’ve all just worked 9 hours and we’re sore and tired and sweaty, they all wanna go out and grab drinks or party afterward.

It feels like my life is coming together. I just started a new chapter in my life yesterday, and finally closed a different one today. I have so many plans for things coming up…I’m just too excited about life right now. ❤️

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Just got another job!

It’s literally ideal. Working 12-ish hours a week to make around $700? I’ll take it!

So excited right now. 😁😁😁 I can’t wait.

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Decided to lie down on the floor

because my back was bothering me a bit.

I was there for a minute before Sammy jumped down off the chair in the other room and came running up to me. He sniffed my face, stepped on my throat, and then bit my ear.

I think he did it to make sure I was okay. Because, if I was out of it, I’m sure constricting my airway and inflicting pain would’ve made me come to, ha.

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Found a picture I had of the old tumblr mobile layout. So different.

that just keep ringing and ringing and ringing with an ANNOYING ASS ringtone and the person won’t answer it…I literally want to go grab it and fucking throw it.

Leave your shit on silent if you’re not gonna answer it.

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Our pool was 88 degrees (F) today.

I just jumped right in, ha. First time I’ve been in it this year. I’ve been too busy and it’s not been nice enough on my days off. It was perfect today, though. 💙

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My coworkers are too funny.

Aww, my boss said he feels like we’re getting a divorce. :’)

He’ll miss me, ha. He asked me to stay on maybe a one or two days a week until the audit at least, in September, but idk. The bank position I applied for has been filled, but I’m still waiting to hear back from the other 2, so idk where I’m going to be.

That just made me smile, though.

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Today one of my friends told me I should have a blog because I’m so funny.

Little do they know….

But I was SO excited about the fact that people find me funny! 😁 All my life, my brother’s been the funny one. I never thought that was something I was really good at…making people laugh. But I guess I am. 😊

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Am I the only one that doesn’t like open-concept homes??

It feels like it.

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When you’re hungry but you don’t know what to eat so you just pick something, but it wasn’t what you wanted so you feel full but unsatisfied.

That is me right now.

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Got to work today.

And my boss wasn’t here yet…not unusual for him to be a little late. I had a couple things left over from yesterday to do…and I finished them in half an hour. My boss still isn’t here, and now I have nothing else to do.

I will miss the office, but only because of my boss and the clients. It’s too slow-paced for me here. He has a new Italian woman that he’s interviewed for my position, and man, is she eager to get started. I haven’t even found a job yet to replace this one, so she’ll have to hold her horses. She’s “abrasive” as he says, though I’ve haven’t met her yet. But she has much more experience than I do, and speaks 4 languages…so I definitely don’t compare.

I think she’ll be what he needs for this place. He doesn’t have a lot of motivation most days, and I think she’ll be that driving force to push him to get things done. I never wanted to be that way because I’m brand new to this business. I don’t know enough STILL to even get my foot in the door. It’s complicated. But I applied at a bank, a hospital, and a doctor’s office…so finger’s crossed!

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❤️ She called me her best friend!! 👯 What a sweetheart. And to think, she heard the worst things about me when we first started working together…but she ignored them and we became friends, anyway. I’m so glad for that.
Long day tomorrow.

Dentist appt. at 9am.
Work right after from 10am until 4pm.
Work again at 5pm until 10pm.

At least I have the entire Friday off. I usually work on the 4th but I wasn’t scheduled, for once! I finally get to enjoy our annual family pool party with everyone! 😁

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