Have you ever clicked on someone’s blog on mobile and kept scrolling and then just forgot you were on their blog and thought it was your dash?

I do that way too much.

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My dad came home from golfing tonight

and apparently he golfed with a guy I used to talk to.

He walked in the door and immediately goes, “Cameron asked about you tonight.” I was like, “Oh, yeah?” And he said, “Yeah, he asked how you were doing, and I told him you were good. And then he said, ‘You know, I really screwed it up with her.’”

LOL yes, he did. But that was 4 years ago and he’s getting married in a few months. He should probably be thinking about his fiancée, not me.

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Stephan Moccio’s “Ow” on repeat until further notice.

So beautiful.

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The new security guard at work

asked me out for drinks.

I’ve only talked to him a few times because we’ve only worked together twice. He seems nice enough. And he’s not bad looking, but he has light hair and blue eyes and a shaved head (from being in the army)…not really my type.

His Facebook pictures are laughable, too. They’re so frat-boy…like, beer in every picture, backwards hats, holding up the peace sign, etc.

I don’t know what to sayyyyy. And I can’t avoid him because I work every Friday and Saturday and so does he.

Edit: I said sure. Why not, right? If nothin else…free drinks. 👍
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This girl. 😊
Last night was absolutely horrible.

But I’m so glad I have Alyssa to talk to about things. She’s so positive and always cheers me up. ❤️

2 more months!

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My mom and I doing a project with our cupboards

and I’m hesitant, so she goes, “Well…we can only fuck it up.”

LOL, true. Let’s do it.

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I worked a wedding this weekend

and the Jurassic Park theme song played during the bride and groom’s entrance.

I’ve worked a lot of weddings, but that was the coolest entrance I’ve ever heard/seen. I was freaking out in the back room, “Guys!! Do you know what song this is?!” Of course none of my coworkers knew, ha. Soundtracks are my life. I can’t help it.

If I ever get married, we’d do something unexpected and awesome like that. 👍

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Me to my dad:

Have you seen that new movie preview about Stephen Hawking? It looks really good.

Dad: Who’s he?

Me: ……Seriously?

Dad: Yeah.

Me: ……………………

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I love my friends.

I just really do.


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Do you ever talk to someone and think, “Wow, they’re interesting and attractive and we have things in common, but there’s no way they’d be interested in me because we only talked for like, 2 seconds, and I’m creating ridiculous scenarios in my head because I’ve been single for 3 years and I don’t know how to react to interesting, attractive people anymore”?

No? Just me? …I figured.

Embarrassing thoughts. No one reads my personal posts, anyway. Whatever.

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Road to Perdition ost.

It makes me want to cry. That’s how beautiful it is.

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So I was supposed to go to Cedar Point today.

Except it’s lightening and thunderstorming there, so I decided not to go. I’m at work instead.

Only, I don’t have my keys to get into the office because I left them on my bookcase to remind myself to give them to Francesca. 😒 So I’m locked out.

I called my boss and he’s about 15 min. away, so no biggie. But I still feel like a moron. I looked RIGHT at them this morning, too. They were next to my watch. Ugh.

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Yes, I loved it! But it was on regular TV, so I didn’t catch it from the beginning, unfortunately. :/