long day at the office today, but the entire evening off. 😊
I need to go back to the gym. It’s almost April and I’ve made ZERO progress. 😔
#happy #lovethisgirl #myedit #personal
Throwback to red hair. I believe this was junior year of high school.
Wearing earplugs at work today to rest my ears. 💢
2 more hours of work, then off for the holiday! I hope everyone has a very happy #crueltyfree #thanksgiving tomorrow! 😄
favorite 2nd cousin and funniest person I know. 😂💙
A picture for Kyle’s asks. #me
Met another friend I made on tumblr! 😄👍 It IS possible, people! #personal #me
worked almost 50 hours this week. can’t wait for that paycheck. #me
Follow me on IG? I post way more personal photos on there for those who care to get to know me a little better. (:
It’d be really fucking cool to know who posted this and uploaded other pictures I had on MY tumblr to this disgusting site without my permission. Get a goddamn life.
Omg, this guy. His name was Sean, I think he was in his late 30’s, and he was so good-looking. His wife wasn’t too fond of Shannon and me hanging around, but he was so funny! I was dancing and just saw a top hat come between my legs and, before I knew it, I was in the air, haha.