😁😁😁 Today was so fun. I missed my best friend!
I just love her. There are no other words. She’s so honest and open, and such a beautiful person, inside and out. We keep each other sane. ❤️
Hanging in the boat with the fam!
Puberty kind of totally sucks. We all know it. But the grass is always greener on the other side. 💚
I don’t feel like talking on the phone or Skyping, so this is what we’re doing instead…while we’re both at work, ha.
Off to work! Happy friday the 13th! 🔪
My eyes look so glassy. I need sleep. 💤
#regram This is why we’re best friends. I love her so much. 😂 @_paigeliana
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My eyes look so blue.
long day at the office today, but the entire evening off. 😊
I need to go back to the gym. It’s almost April and I’ve made ZERO progress. 😔