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Seriously. It’s this:

Against this:

And yet the scientists and researchers get no sympathy whatsoever. Pharmaceutical companies are “greedy and evil” for making profits out of making astounding progress in medicine. And the fact that we should all…

Just ‘cause that guy is a doctor doesn’t mean shit. He could be a closet pedophile who keeps child pornography on his computer. You don’t know. But just because he’s a doctor we’re supposed to be on his side and support him? I don’t think so. I support those who give a chance to the ones who never had a chance from the day they were born. And don’t you dare say doctors do that. Doctors help those who’ve hurt themselves due to lifestyle choices that made them that way, with drugs that they got from the imprisonment, torture, and suffering of animals. Animals fates are decided from the day they are born into this world. People actually have a choice.

He invented insuline and saved the lives of everyone with diabetes. However, if you honestly think that we’re better off without doctors than without a couple of rats, please give up on curing yourself if you ever get sick. 

Also, animal ‘rights’ don’t exist because animals don’t make choices. They are not volitional creatures. Whether they are in a cage or in a forest is irrelevant.

Animals are too volitional creatures. Why do they eat? Why do they sleep? Why do they communicate with each other? Why do they befriend each other? Because they chose to. Perfect example: my dog. She’s a picky eater! She won’t eat a pretzel unless it has cheese on it. That’s making a decision: to eat or not to eat.. That’s using her own will, and that is volition.

To make a decision is not being volitional - for the very simple fact that plants decide in which direction to grow, simply by responding to external stimuli with their innately born instincts. Having reason is defined as the ability to form abstraction and concepts, as well as being able to choose the values we wish to pursue, and the way in which we pursue them. Unless you have a philosophical tome written by your dog on the nature of cheese pretzels, and the reason why dogs ought not see them favorably, you merely described how your dog has a sense of taste.

You didn’t even reblog my whole post; I edited it. And that’s funny, because using one’s own will is the exact definition of volition…so you’re wrong. If you wanted to be right, you should’ve used the word “rational” instead. 

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