So, it’s soul-fulloflove's 21st birthday today!!! :D And, in case you guys didn't already know (although you should), that blog belongs to Paige, one of the most amazing people I've ever met in my short 20 years.
It’s no secret that Paige and I became friends through tumblr. Most of our loyal followers know the story…she found me, we talked, and we just kind of clicked. Throughout the past 2 years (almost, anyway!) I’ve gotten to know her better than I know people I’ve known my whole life. She makes me laugh nonstop, and she’s one of the most logical, down-to-earth and headstrong people I know. She’s so smart, too. Some of the things she thinks of just boggle my mind sometimes, ha. To top it all off, she has the biggest heart. Not only for animals, but for the people she’s close to, too. She always listens when there’s a problem with open ears and an open mind, and she never once judges you for anything you think, say, or do…which I’m so thankful for because I honestly don’t think I could have made it through some of the stuff in my life these past couple of years without her.
What can I say? She knows me inside and out, ha. She’s always just a text or call away when I need someone to talk to and, even though we live hundreds of miles apart, a quick 5-minute phone call can make it feel like she’s here again. She understands that, if we don’t talk for a couple of days, that I’m just busy with work or school but that I haven’t forgotten about her. I can laugh my ass off with her, cry with her, bitch with her, or just sit around and zone out in front of the tv with her! ha. She’s truly one of a kind and I couldn’t have asked for a better best friend. She’s as close to perfect as they come!Happy birthday, Paige! Love you, girl. (: <33

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