It takes a long time, but God dies too.: One last thing on dairy and rape.


When you separate rape and dairy out of some perceived reverence or respect for “real” rape victims, you are doing two things: 

The first is that you are contradicting yourself out of the gate. Any victim of rape is a real rape victim. Whether or not the rapist was doing it for power or profit is a non-issue. The only thing that matters in any capacity is the experience of the victim and assuming a dairy cow cannot feel on the same level a human can is baseless, irresponsible and destructive to the integrity and credibility of every other rape victim who deviates from the heteronormative vaginal penetration definition of rape. 

The second thing you are doing is stripping an individual of identity. By excluding a non-human rape victim from the empathy you would extend to a human rape victim, you strip that individual of having a crime committed against them. This not only negates that crime and ensures that the victim (now anonymous) receives no justice or pity, it ensures that it will happen again to anyone “unfortunate” enough to be born with a different body other than what many consider to be the “acceptable” human form and matching mental capacity. That is no better than excluding entire genders, races or groups of humans with varying disabilities from the list of those who can experience what you seem to perceive as valid rape experiences.

So, that said, those triggered by calling rape “rape”, hear you me: It is still rape. If you are offended, you are offensive to me because being “pulled down” to a non-human level is so belittling to you that you take up verbal arms to differentiate yourselves from those you consider below you. You wax sympathetic about rape culture, yourselves highlighting the parts discussing the normalization and erasure of rape and yet there you stand, normalizing and erasing rape on your own accord simply to perpetuate the notion that your body and capabilities make you better and more deserving than whomever you decide doesn’t matter. You have every right to be upset that rape is discussed and I know it might make some relive what may very well be the worst experience of your life, but that does not give you the right to nullify the experience of another so your ego doesn’t take a hit.

Fucking this. I just read an argument between an omni girl that was raped, I guess, and several vegans, and she was so stuck on HERself and HER experience. Open your fucking eyes. Rape was only created because of humans, and is only done to animals because of humans. It makes me cringe that people have no sympathy, let alone empathy, for anyone but their damn selves or their own species.

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    You are both fucked up, horrible people, and you should feel bad about yourselves. HUMAN RAPE VICTIMS COME FIRST. JESUS...
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    Hey OP, in your big long diatribe calling for empathy, did you ever think to have any yourself? Raped, ‘I guess?’ What...
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    Hey, you’re all fucking horrible people for posting and believing this shit and being dismissive as fuck towards rape...
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